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August 03, 2012 publishing ... my weekly exhibit archive is currently posted on the archive sub-webpage ... in the event you skipped the Dwell airing remember to sign up for me to the archive as i discuss listener mail ... one thing i do routinely mainly because it delivers up several challenges that you will be considering and gives me a good System to broaden within the workings of the world ... Incidentally i noticed A further criticism of my speaking about political issues rather then only talking about "pure science" challenges ... well here is the fact ... experts really should be and historically happen to be the FIRST types to speak out on political issues ... nowadays it really is even more critical due to reign of jewish zionist control of the banking, information media, hollywood (yes which includes batman movies as well as their trumped up shooters) and govt techniques ... only using this type of details is it possible to recognize that the cabal also controls science and scientists as well as engineering ... And exactly how they use this to regulate the general public along with to maintain wars and promote the reign of "Bogus flag terrorism" and resulting individual spying that dominates every move you make nowadays ... Of course THIS IS Linked to SCIENCE ... in reality it controls all aspects of science ... for example "worldwide warming" and "local climate change" are Phony fairy tale science that are applied to manage water and give a cover mask for weather conditions Regulate ... they also control the nut circumstance facet of the online market place supporting a ton of morons available bringing you goofy data and clouding The difficulty on every thing from copycats of my work to the topic of Earth X .

March 16, 2012 posting ... my weekly radio clearly show archive has become posted around the archive sub-page ... NOTE THIS WEEK'S Display IS Essential Pay attention ... listen as i take a look at 5 comets ... some modest and previous and a few new and large and a single really significant comet from not that way back ... all comets possessing their own individual "tale" ... justification the pun ... science jokes would be the worst !!! in any case i talk about the failure of the banking technique within the perspective in that When you have achieved your personal financial demise because of 401K decline or retirement fund raiding or house loan inversion or astronomical credit card curiosity rates or astronomically outrageous taxation or gouging on Power or coverage or professional medical expenses or no matter what it will require to interrupt your own bank ... then There exists a host of men and women set up like leeches on dying fish to divide what is still left of you and lawfully feed you towards the sharks (personal bankruptcy attorneys or realtors hungry to small provide your house or repo agents to steal everything you will have left as well as checklist goes on) ... then i flip to your science from the five comets that i have selected to look at this 7 days ... every one with their own "tale" ... OUCH that undesirable science pun yet again ... i also give honorable point out to The reality that NASA as well as the information media maintain hyping the "solar flare will probably take out the electric grid" fanfare which i have frequently stated signifies that we are going to see a Phony flag countrywide ability outage "due to a photo voltaic flare" (they are prepared to artificially pull the electrical electrical power grid and NASA will likely be complicit in the sensible joke .

Oct 19, 2016 posting ... !!! watch alex jones these days and find out the videos from the private groups bringing support to hurricane matthew torn Haiti ... I have to alert you That is graphic footage of landing in destroyed areas of an presently impoverished nation ... millions impacted critically ill and starving ...  the UN accomplishing nothing ... the US armed forces undertaking nothing ... and worst of all ... the clinton Basis (they rigged in order that they ended up the official United states "charity" following the 2010 earth quake) collected two billion pounds for haiti help and held ninety five% of the money (the rest planning to no bid contracts of clinton good friends for things such as soccer stadiums and a number of other things which under no circumstances were crafted) .

April 24, 2013 ... my weekly radio demonstrate is currently posted about the archive sub-site ... be part of me this week as i carry on to debate the science of comets as well as the planets ... this week's major science matter explains a hardly ever observed affliction of your comet tail of Hale Bopp that was observed and photographed within the mid 1990's ... my new eBook COMETS exhibits a photo of those amazing inner comet structural tails (seventeen in all swinging all over like huge snake-like extensions) proving that comets are usually not dirty snowballs which is beautifully not simply described but predicted by my Plasma Discharge Comet Design (the new e book COMETS also reveals my papers published over 15 years prior to the appearance of the details flawlessly predicting these tails and outcomes) .

January 26, 2015 publishing ... This can be Unusual ... House X the elon musk owned personal Place organization sued the US Air Power over agreement fixing with the mil surveillance satellite launching contracts sighting that a consortium of aged boy aerospace firms ended up basically finding no bid no Competitiveness contracts ... alleging they had been dragging their toes on certifying Room X for qualifying for that contracts ... now listed here will come the Odd aspect ... USAF and Place X just settled when it grew to become obvious that Area X was likely to win ... ahead of the settlement ink was dry to the paper ... drum roll ... mega search and data huge GOOGLE and mega Trader Fidelity (who's seriously invested in Monsanto) jointly threw $1 billion (Of course having a B) into Room X supplying them ten% possession and also a location to the board of administrators .

February fourteen, 2013 putting up ... my weekly radio present archive has become posted over the archive sub-web page ... this week i cover a variety of limited objects that were build up on my matters list for a few time ... the principle science subject is the results of a listener request to elucidate the Actual physical method on how comet tails kind in my Plasma Discharge Comet Product ... my publications describe this in detail BUT sometimes slightly refresher done verbally will help Anyone to be familiar with the basics .

Make sure you observe the subsequent connected photographs that present an overhead perspective of the class F4/5 tornado path of destruction by way of a residential region stuffed with one household property  in an Oklahoma town.

July twenty five, 2014 publishing ... my weekly radio display is currently posted within the archive sub-web page ... be part of me as i examine the big surface area hole just lately learned in siberia russia ... how did this take place and what are the "regular" explanations coming out of ridiculous science pawned off on the public ... i take a look at the modern air "crashes" in excess of russia etcetera ... I've a contemporary parity on Noah which happens to be a listener contribution and a brilliant Examination adhering to up on my the latest demonstrate handling a contemporary Noah ... i reply some listener mail and go on my ongoing commentary relating to a science mission to some comet (the Rosetta mission) .

JANUARY 21, 2014 ... on "heart problems" ... wow ... many people you realize have "it" ... but could it be truly a ailment ... NO ... there's nothing "disorder" about this ... You cannot catch it from another person ... it is not a virus or microbes ... so why do they call it a "condition" ... like almost everything else inside the health-related community ... It's a walking lie ... Health professionals "handle" it with things like open coronary heart medical procedures or stints (mesh expanders that artificially open your veins near your heart) ... when met with "heart problems" most people are met with a doctor at their most susceptible instant ... hospitals make significant $$$ from coronary heart surgical procedure ... but will coronary heart operation or even stints "treatment" your "cardiovascular disease" ... the answer once more is usually a resounding NO !!! they will purchase you a little time but tend not to resolve the true concerns ... because they are dealing with only a little percentage of the problem ... the challenge is that the full technique is clogged ... developed view up in excess of many years from accumulated animal Body fat and also other substances ... down to the last compact capillary feeding your cells ... Medical doctors don't discuss a real "cure" nor do they go over preventive steps for the duration of yearly physicals .

July 28, 2014 putting up ... a Tale is resurfacing ... spearheaded by none in addition to NASA ... a several years ago a headline Tale was posted by a lot of washington diplomats stating earth had barely skipped a solar "kill shot" photo voltaic flare ... i rapidly decided this was a Untrue story without any basis In point of fact ... this earlier 7 days NASA of all folks have revived this (the title causes it to be seem to be it took place last 7 days but They're referring into the celebration of a couple a long time in the past) .

June 27, 2014 submitting ... Belgium has effectively passed a regulation that may prohibit wind electric turbines from set up in that smaller northern european country ... similar restrictions are being put in other european nations ... WHY ??? in nations around the world which have shut down nuclear reactors completely and so are Determined for option Electricity are they prohibiting "alternate Strength" ??? Since At first the NASA intended 3 blade wind generator methods just will not function ... they don't give the Electrical power or perhaps a fraction of your promised energy ... the europeans are discovering out the really hard you could try these out way soon after the government subsidies are actually paid and the populations fleeced on about exaggerated returns on Power and investments .

February 02, 2015 posting ... Yellowstone The End Of The Fucking World dvd Volcano is in the information once again ... it should be headline news on a daily basis ... we've been managing an incompetent president ... incompetent park company and incompetent geologists ... the Tremendous volcano is overdue for A serious eruption ... it could get rid of all daily life as we realize it for one thousand miles or maybe more AND develop a world huge situation that could destroy the remainder of everyday living on planet earth .

September twelve, 2014 submitting ... my weekly radio demonstrate has become posted around the archive sub-site so listen as i go on the dialogue of The brand new ebook concentrating on DISTRIBUTED Power And the way it'll work ... not surprisingly that is a major matter in The brand new book posted down below ... jim mccanney

May possibly 26, 2012 posting ... this week's display has become posted about the weekly radio exhibit archive sub-page ... my display handles quite a few subject areas including the ongoing commentary within the "cancer business" ... the primary science topic bargains with the REAL workings of the Sunlight ... listen and understand ... jim mccanney 

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